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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Title: surtA
Points: 350
Description: An ancient language discovered roughly 20 years ago.


I figured they either wanted the name of the language or the translation. Googling ‘surtA’ did not appear to bring up anything relevant, but ‘Atrus’ brings up the 1993 (20 years old) videogame Myst. The story of Myst contains the story of the ancient race known as the D’ni, and many enthusiasts have documented the language and grammar of the D’ni on the internet.

Using a D’ni alphabet/number guide I managed to convert the symbols into the following:

rehd’ni kehnehrthoglahn 2 3 12 rovtee.

reh- is a prefix, translating to ‘the’.
d’ni = D’ni
kehn- = to be
ehrth- = some/a few
oglahn = ancient
2 3 12 = 1337 (the D’ni used a base 25 number system)
rov = people
-tee = plural

The full translation (and answer) ended up as:

the d’ni are an ancient 1337 people