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This challenge required the extraction of the key from the database, using a regex as a search. Knowing from IRC that all keys contained either 29C3 or 29c3, it was relatively simple to narrow down the potential keys to the correct one:

/^Key: 29C3_Well\.This\/Is\#Not\+The\|Wrong\?Key$/

The final correct regex is slightly misleading, in that it says it matches 2 records, but we strip out the extra bits, and submit it for 100 points:



This was a fun one. The challenge site provided a file upload control, which allowed us to upload images to the site. Upon uploading an image, the image would be displayed under a new file name, along with the associated Image Description, GPS Longitude and GPS Latitude tags.

My first thought was to insert some PHP into the exif data, so I downloaded the very useful ExifTool to attempt this.

This attempt failed, so I pulled out the next trick in the bag. I threw an apostrophe into the Image Description tag and uploaded the file. Internal Server Error! SQL injection? I think so!

With some tinkering, I managed to successfully exploit the SQLi to get the flag.